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    Discover the beauty of Setúbal, in sync with the future


    The origin of the name Setúbal is one of the biggest mysteries of Portuguese history, while some historians award the Celtic tribe its origin as they named this region “Cetobriga”, other historians belive its origin derives from Arabic descent as the Sado river that baths Setúbal was previously called “Xetubre”.

    Setúbal had a large Roman presence until the fall of its empire later shifting to the mours and only after the famous Portuguese conquer of the Sado region in the 12th century Setúbal became part of Portugal.

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    An Advantageous Location

    Lisbon is the Portuguese capital, its central not only in Portugal but also to the rest of the world. It

    benefits tremendously from the abundant tourism it receives throughout the year, making it a cosmopolitan and busy city full of activities. Through its historic streets, Lisbon has splendid views over the Tagus River that take anyone’s breath away!


    Experience the Natural Wonders of Setubal

    Troia is located on the other side of River Sado well in sight of Setúbal. A village that dates back to roman times and where traces of the historic village can still be found. Today Troia is famous for its summer climate and its infinite beach that stretches for miles without end. Mostly inhabited during the summer months, it is a summer location for the Portuguese and international upper class to spend the summer months.

    The Location

    Capital of its district, Setubal has a population of 91,000 in its urban area. A costal city that benefits from is close proximity to the Portuguese capital and also its proximity to the rest of the world, whether through land, sea or air. With an economy primarily based on its naval ports where daily imports are received that fuel the entire country and exports that are shipped out to the rest of the world. The majority of Setubal’s population is young and middle-class labour workers, they work in factories in Setubal or solely live in the city and take advantage of the wide transportation services to work in Lisbon.

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    A signature project, unparalleled identity

    Luxury Design Apartments

    ”Experience Prestige"

    In this house lived the Morgado of Setúbal. José Antonio Benedito Soares de Faria e Barros, famously known as Morgado de Setúbal, was a famous Portuguese painter who lived at the end of 18th century. Originally from Mafra, he moved to Setúbal as he fell in love with the scenery and his passion for the sea. It was here in Setúbal where he developed his love for art and where he earned his fame at national but also international level. Very fond of nature subjects, the majority of his paintings revolved around trees, plants and animals. It is believed that once in Setúbal, one of his painting exhibiting a cat had to be removed because a dog thought it was a live animal.


    A green oasis in the center of Setúbal

    Morgado's House
    Fresco House
    Tree House
    Fountain House

    Morgado's House

    Morgado’s House results from the rehabilitation and adaptation of the old main house of Quinta de Aranguês, where the Morgado de Setúbal lived. This 18th century building is reborn with six apartments: three T2 on the ground floor, enjoying a privileged relationship with the garden; and three duplex T3 on the 1st floor, which benefit from the attic area. The most emblematic elements of this pombaline house were recovered, namely the tile panels, the stone staircase, the door and skirting boards, as well as the “treasure roofs”, typical of the region. Each apartment has a unique design, through its relationship with the garden, the view it enjoys, or the focal elements that it includes, such as the antique tilery and original fireplaces.


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    Swimming pool

    Enjoy a hot day in your own private swimming pool.


    Its all about the green aesthetics.


    No parking? No problem! You have your own private garage.

    Jardins do Morgado - Prices and Availability

    Prices and Availability

    AP 1.1 GF Two Bedroom 110.55 - - 3.07 €456,000
    AP 1.2 GF Two Bedroom 100.71 - - 3.07 €440,000
    AP 1.3 GF Two Bedroom 109.14 - - 3.07 €461,000
    AP 1.4 1st Floor Three Bedroom (Duplex) 162.58 2.11 - 6.75 €660,000
    AP 1.5 1st Floor Three Bedroom (Duplex) 148.55 0.68 - 6.75 - Sold
    AP 1.6 1st Floor Three Bedroom (Duplex) 161.94 2.05 - 6.75 €675,000
    AP 2.1 GF Three Bedroom (Triplex) 165.25 6.3 - 3.07 - Sold
    AP 3.1 GF Two Bedroom 81.48 16.2 - 3.07 - Sold
    AP 3.2 GF Two Bedroom 84.22 16.2 - 3.07 €375,000
    AP 3.3 GF Two Bedroom 86.68 16.39 - 3.07 €375,000
    AP 3.4 1st Floor One Bedroom 52.15 40.89 - 3.07 - Sold
    AP 3.5 1st Floor Two Bedroom 85.04 16.2 - 3.07 €396,000
    AP 3.6 1st Floor Two Bedroom 86.72 16.42 - 3.07 €396,000
    AP 2.7 GF Three Bedroom (Triplex) 208.93 87.6 24.14 4.81 - Sold
    AP 3.8 GF Two Bedroom 80.95 - - 3.07 €312,000
    AP 4.1 GF Two Bedroom 85.98 5.94 67.62 1.53 (included in GA) €479,000
    AP 4.2 GF Two Bedroom 78.99 - - 3.58 - Sold
    AP 4.3 1st Floor Two Bedroom 106.59 39.41 - 1.86 (included in GA) €416,000
    AP 4.4 1st Floor Two Bedroom 70.11 39.62 - 5.65 - Sold

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